Invited Symposia


This invited symposium, organized by the Team PAPAGENO, led by Dr. Marie-Claude Geoffroy, McGill University, will showcase four prospective studies exploring protective factors for suicide. Researchers, including Dr Ian Colman (former Canada Research Chair in Mental Health Epidemiology, University of Ottawa), Dr Becky Mars (University of Bristol), Dr Roxanne Sicotte (McGill University) and Heidi Eccles (University of Ottawa) will present findings on protective factors for suicidal ideation/self-harm across longitudinal cohorts, encompassing the 1993 Pelotas Study in Brazil, the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development in Québec, the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children in UK, and a systematic review/meta-analysis of longitudinal studies examining family functioning 

In the face of suicide as a leading cause of preventable death, this symposium aims to identify factors that can reduce suicide-related outcomes, either directly or indirectly by counterbalancing the effect of a risk factor.

Dr. Becky Mars Heidi Eccles Dr. Ian Colman Dr. Roxanne Sicotte