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Questions regarding registration or housing should be directed to

Registration rates for regular attendees are based on the attendee’s current country of residence. See below for the classifications.  Early career scholars (less than 5 years in an academic post) and attendees still in training qualify for a lower registration rate regardless of current residence (verification of student status is required during the registration process).

  • Established Researcher (>5 years in academic post) – Group A: Countries in North America (Canada and US), Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, with the exception of countries in Eastern Europe and Turkey.
  • Established Researcher (>5 years in academic post) – Group B: Eastern Europe, Turkey and all other countries.
Registration CategoryEarly
Registration Rate
Registration Rate
Registration Rate
Registration Deadlines:Until 22 March, 202422 March – 19 April, 2024After 19 April, 2024
Mid to late career Researcher
(>5 years in academic post) – Group A
600$ 800$ 1000$ 
Mid to late career Researcher
(>5 years in academic post) – Group B
500$ 600$ 800$ 
Students, Postdocs
and Early Career Researchers
(< 5 years in post)*
350$ 450$ 600$ 
Registration Items:
Closing Cocktail Dinner
Thursday, 30 May, 2024 ***
150$ 150$ 150$ 
Closing Cocktail Dinner
Thursday, 30 May, 2024 
80$ 80$ 80$ 

* Student/Trainee/Postdocs must be currently enrolled in school or a training program.  Students must provide a current student ID or letter from their training director to verify their registration status. Early career researchers should provide a letter from their department or university confirming their employment history (or date of entry). 

** An Opening Conference Cocktail is included in the conference registration fees for all attendees.  

*** The Cocktail Dinner is an additional, optional event and is not included in the conference registration rate for attendees.  Those wishing to attend must purchase a separate ticket. The Cocktail will be Thursday, 30 May.  There is a reduced ticket fee for those that are eligible to register at the Student/Trainee rate.